A Strange Sense of Time: BCCSP 2014

Hello there!

So I’m back home from Bucknell Uni, and things feel somewhere in between surreal and familiar.

The first few days before class were fun, getting to know each other in a sort of forceful way, but the beginning was nothing compared to the bond that we shared towards the end.  From the laughter and turmoil in and out of class (caused by the classes, of which were Biology of Aging, Psych of Attraction, Statistics, and Engineering), to the ever memorable escapades on the Wednesdays or weekends that served as compensation for the work load.  There are many pictures of these moments, but only the mind captures the moments of love when we supported each other through the utmost stretching physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

It’s weird having to type about the experience in the past tense, but so be it.  I remember singing with them and finding out how much a person can relate to another even if they are almost from “another world”.  The moment classes ended, happiness and glee filled the air, yet reality set in quickly.  We had bonded so well that we had made guest appearances in each other’s dreams.  We both mindfully crafted and naturally made inside jokes, shared sentence fillers and created new ones! (Some of which were: Sweet frog! Turn up! Yeah, girl! Yip! You’re a vegetable! Oxytocin! Automanipulation?  And I’m sure there were others…)  We made the volleyball court our second base, and became acquainted with the hornets that took residence there.  We all became huggers, comforting those that we didn’t even realize needed a hug.

Recognizing and expecting their mannerisms and voices, I never thought I could fall in love with a new set of people in six weeks.  Six weeks seemed like an eternity or six years, which towards the end changed to six minutes.

I have a strange sense of time, and I do not know what it means: it’s scary! The exhilarating and challenging six weeks seem like they happened a year ago, and that I only left home for a day.  I keep wondering if anyone else in the BCCSP 2014 cohort feels this way.  I hugged them many times before we all departed, yet it wasn’t enough. Oh, how I wish I could hug them all again, and not even for the oxytocin exchange.

With all that said, the BCCSP cohort has definitely become my second family, and I look forward with great earnest and sentimentality to the reunion in November.

PS: The song that does well to summarize my sentiment is this one.


It’s the things you fight for and struggle with before earning…

Hello there!

It has been quite some time since I made my last blog post and I might as well write this in my period of creative procrastination.  I believe the last time was in February, when snow days piled up and professors fought back with an accumulated vengeance.  Many things have happened since then, good and bad, and lots of laughs.  From cutting my “long” hair off in April to a short (cute) boy cut, speaking in front of senators and representatives about the importance of community college, having the most epic time dressed up as the justice league with friends at six flags, picnics galore with my boyfriend, a crappy father’s day, to living on campus at a four year school for six weeks to prove my tenacity for a full scholarship.  Three years ago, in the summer of 2011, I thought that I had the greatest summer I could ever have because I went home, and I deemed it a “return to childhood”.  Though that memory is one I hold very dear, this summer is very closely challenging it for first in a different way.  Everything is harder, I’m getting less sleep and not seeing people I care most (especially my mom) about often, but it’s all very new and a lot of fun.

Sometimes you come across situations that make words or phrases mean much more to you than it did before, like the time I discovered what “breathtaking” really was (six flags ride).  Now, as I continue on with this all-nighter, “the struggle is real” means more than a joke to me now.  I write this at 4:00 AM as I let my friends sleep for an hour so that they can better finish the work they have (they had less coffee I think).  This program is letting me learn many things about myself, as it should, and it’s a hard yet worth it process.  Living in a dorm is the first time I felt like I have had my own room, and can invite friends over and not worry where I’ll linger with them.  I also learned that I am not really a messy person: at home, I have too many things for a too little place, of course things will get messy.

Time management is something that I really look forward to mastering, though I know one can never truly master a intangible concept of life (maybe math).  I truly want this so that I can catch up on my sleep.

Sleep is very precious and is important to function in college… and life.

I’ll share more stories or thoughts again another day. Thanks for reading!
Summer G.

A Week Without School

The title sounds like a child’s dream, and indeed I was happy.  Lately, I have been dreading going to school, and the feeling manifests in a sudden drop of spirit these past Sunday evenings.

I’m not normally interested in the super bowl.  This was because I was never interested in football, I heard reviews of performances and commercials being somewhat distasteful sometimes, aaaaand because I don’t have a TV.  I planned to do my homework that Sunday evening, only to find myself riding with my lovable cousins to another cousin’s house to watch the super bowl.  I was so happy to spend time with them after not seeing them for what seems to be a whole year (due to school).  One told me that they were excited to see Bruno Mars perform and that I might like him.

It was a splendid, maybe an irresponsible but definitely splendid idea!  The actual football game was exciting to watch, and the performance by Bruno Mars was AWESOME.  He gave me sort of this 80s feeling, so I knew that I would go listen to his songs afterwards.  Last but not least, the commercials were hilarious!  Except for the one with the yogurt: everyone in the room cringed and my eleven year old cousin turned away instinctively.  It was pretty and randomly awkward.  Nonetheless, that time spent with my cousins made me smile.

Until I got home and saw the homework I left behind.


So I exhausted my praying muscles, I really hoped the weatherman was right when he said heavy snow for the next day.  And so it happened!  School cancelled for Monday, I had no class on Tuesday, then an ice storm on Wednesday…

Like many people that Wednesday, we lost power.  It steadily got colder and colder, and the stove was electrical.  I sent my last texts to my boyfriend before the phone died, and hoped that it wouldn’t be too bad in the night come (they said it’d drop to the teens, which it did).  It wasn’t too bad without electricity: I was used to power outages from living through hurricanes in Jamaica.  It was the cold that was the enemy.

“Well, at least I didn’t have to go to school..”

Day 23

By Friday, my school got its power back.  However, I still didn’t go to class because of a field trip to a college I’m interested in.  It was a lovely ride with friendly conversations and discussions, a great tour, and lots of beautiful scenery.

This week without school was lovely, even though I know teachers may expect that there was more time for homework and studying when it actually seemed to be less.  There’s really no win situation, haha.  But I do appreciate the little break.  Thank God.

Now to get back to into the groove of school.

Thanks for reading!
Summer Nile

In the Meadow, we can build a snowman…

I think it’s been about two or three weeks now, but it’s been hectic to experience polar vortexes so frequently. I did get to make a snowman, though! I was excited because a few days ago, I had drawn someone else making a snowman because I was sort of bedridden with the flu.

January 3, 2014
January 3, 2014

Even though it’s been six years since I’ve moved here to Pennsylvania from Jamaica, I’m still in awe of how beautiful the snow can be.  And how interesting as well.   Like a person, I’ve seen the snow liked and disliked for different reasons.  I feel happy to see snow cover the land, and I may not have to go into school the next day, but the snow also makes the roads dangerous and my apartment terribly cold.  But even with that said, I thank God for making that anticipated and beautiful part of winter: the snow.


Hi, there! 🙂

  1. Who are you?  My name is Summer, and I’m the author of this blog.  I grew up in Jamaica, where the  majority of my childhood memories (and misadventures) were made.  I’m currently studying Business Management and Fine Arts at Montgomery County Community College.  I have many hobbies that range from drawing, singing, dancing, sports, whistling, photography, and others that may become known on this blog.  I like leaving smiles on people’s’ faces, and am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

    Self-Portrait, November 2012
  2. Why are you blogging?  I’m starting this blog to…  Well, I’m not exactly sure.  I think I’ve always found blogging interesting, and it seems like a pleasant way to share artwork.
  3. What are you blogging about?  I’ll be sharing some stories, both short and long, true and made-up, through illustrations.  These will probably also include my daily thoughts during my college days, which I know will vary from ‘happy-go-lucky’ sunny things to negative storm clouds and bitter winds.  Maybe some “God stories”, too.  You never know.
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